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Hunter M. No one questioned the eastern portion of the new named trail. West of Kansas City, however, the best location for the trail was in dispute. Citing Shakespeare's claim that "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet," Mrs. Merriwether commented:. In your case, your name is your fortune. The "Old Trails Road" tells its own story. The men of Missouri saw the need of a State Highway, and the Daughters of the American Revolution joined hands with them and helped them to decide the proper place to put the road. She emphasized the importance of designating the route along the historic trails chosen by the D.

A good road that was not also historic would spoil the significance of the name:.

History & Culture - Santa Fe National Historic Trail (U.S. National Park Service)

Hold to your name and build that National Old Trail's Road. We, Daughters of the American Revolution, do not come before you to plead for it, because the section through which it passes is a great commercial one, but because it was the pathway of our forefathers, who took civilization from the tidewaters of the Atlantic to the golden sands of the Pacific. When we gather our children about our knees, we do not tell them of the great captains of industry, of the leaders of finance.

Benton, the Lion Hearted. Men of brain and brawn, fling away personalities in this Old Trail's Road building. Root from your hearts the miasma of commercialism, which, in its fever and fury, blinds your eyes to the upper and higher aim, that of united hearts and hands across this great country of ours, to build a National Monument that will ever be pointed out as the Old Trail's Road, which has been designated as "The Road of Living Hearts," over which marched the civilization, opportunity, religion, development, and progress of our grand America. The delegates who attended the convention established a temporary organization, chose the name for their route after rejecting the Valley Speedway , and urged eastern Kansas good roads boosters to extend the route to the east.

In May , a conference in Emporia established the eastern routing. A competing association formed in November at Herington. This group mapped the Old Santa Fe Trail, as close as possible to the historic route, given section line land division and modern development. West of Lyons to Santa Fe, the two routes were identical. The competition between the two Kansas groups was intense, primarily because they were competing for the business that would follow the main transcontinental artery.

Of course, the D. Chester Lawrence. He has to catch his breath. He said that his association was a pioneer of the good roads movement in Kansas and listed some of the men who helped create the New Santa Fe Trail:. Faxon concluded, "I thank my stars that it has been recognized from the government down to the humblest traveler as one of the most significant things in Good Roads in all the West. Now, George P. But when you hold a national Old Trails convention to induce the United States Government and other interests to improve a great ocean-to-ocean highway across this country along this historic line, it is no wonder that the action of your convention was so unanimous in selecting by resolution, the route of the Old Santa Fe Trail.

The trouble with Mr.

The Old Santa Fe Trail

Lawrence has been that he did not follow that old natural route that kept away from the boggy, the sandy and the gumbo bottoms of the cottonwood and other regions he has been obliged to come through. But when it is stated here that the Old Santa Fe Trail is simply a sentiment, I take issue with that; and, looking along its historic value, I want to say something in regard to why sentiment is even stronger often than commerce.

Sentiment is the reason that the Daughters of the American Revolution. Sentiment is the reason that the national organization of the D. Great applause. Sentiment has accomplished more in this country, often even drenching our country in blood rather than to cut it up, when possibly a little commercial finesse would have prevented it. And sentiment is what will ultimately get the United States Government to make vast appropriations for roads from one end of our country to the other, more than even the strength and political sagacity of commercial centers.

That afternoon, during debate on the association's constitution, Faxon tried to convince the convention to postpone adoption of the "Old" line. Noting that the adopted resolution only "recommends" the Old Santa Fe Trail "as nearly as practicable," he said:. I should be absolutely failing in the decency and respect that we all owe to an organization that has promoted more than one good thing, if I did not preface the few words I am going to say with a tribute which comes from my heart towards the Daughters of the American Revolution. Miller [J. Miller, representing the Old Santa Fe Trail Association] ought to stand on them, and the rest of my good friends ought to stand on them; and then we can take this thing home where it belongs and fight it out and settle it for all time, and the winner will have the support of the vanquished and we shall all be together in this movement.

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Faxon also complained that the resolution endorsing the Old Santa Fe Trail had not been properly introduced to the convention by the Committee on Resolutions. The other main controversy over routing concerned the Southwest, where few good roads existed. Colonel Dell M. Potter, of Clifton, Arizona, addressed the convention on the second day. He noted that his title of "Colonel" resulted from his having been paymaster of the State's National Guard. Potter explained how the organization he represented, the Ocean-to-Ocean Highway Association of Redlands, California, came about:. Four years ago I went to the Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles and asked if they would not assist us in boosting the National Highway from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

And what has the state of California done?

The Old Santa Fe Trail the Story of a Great Highway

It has bonded itself for eighteen million dollars for the purpose of building what? Building automobile roads--not transcontinental roads, not roads for the benefit of you and me, but roads that will benefit California and allow or permit California to have [automobiles] shipped by train from across the United States to its eastern line and tour through from there. We want to take some of this [touring] money from them before they get to California.

I want to tell you if you get to California and ever get away with a cent you do more than the Potter tribe ever has. After four years of hard fighting in Arizona, we believed that we could settle our difficulties as to where our part of the National Highway should cross the state, and.

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We found, to our sorrow, that the fight had been making us only trouble. We found more Arizonians there interested in taking that road across the northern part of the state than we knew there was in Arizona. They all believed they were entitled to have it, but we finally eliminated and finally settled our difficulties. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on.

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