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Are you ready for the future? | ACCA Global

Some elements will be familiar, others will be brand new. Either way, you'll get a good idea of where your business is at right now and some of the critical decisions it will soon have to take. Go explore the future - and prepare to have confidence.

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Artificial intelligence, robotic auditing, spreadsheets with souls The finance landscape is shifting. Does your organisation have what it takes to adapt to and capitalise on the future?

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Our industry insights have identified 10 key areas driving change. Explore these themes and how they impact you.

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Explore the true potential of distributed ledgers. Take practical steps towards closing your technology gap. Equip your accountants for a globalised future. Unlock the value of a millennial workforce.

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Howard is extroverted and a salesman, not starstruck or a fanboy; basketball lights his brain on fire. He calls him KG, trots out some kitschy goods importantly: Furby-shaped bling. The Oneohtrix Point Never score pulsates in the background.

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Every time, he fusses with Howard and is obviously annoyed by him, but the stone keeps him coming back. The Safdies have a knack for tapping nonprofessional actors to live in and around their main characters. Kevin Garnett in Uncut Gems is an instant classic. Opponents claim that it is a mass surveillance of mostly innocent citizens violates the fundamental right to privacy.

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This panel evaluated EU data protection principles, i. The panel explored the impact of 5G technology for law enforcement in fighting serious crime and terrorism and its impact on fundamental rights. The panellists discussed which authorities should be authorised to access data on smart devices and potential types of crimes related to smart devices. The third edition of the EDEN Conference was a great success and represented speakers from different sectors all over the world. Skip to main content.

Are you ready?

Alexa, are you ready to support police investigations? News Article. Predictive policing Prediction is a core part of policing.