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Rule #1: Fight Scenes Should Move the Story Forward

In July , Cormier knocked out Miocic to take the belt in the first round. Cormier wants a trilogy bout, and it's the only one he'll come back for, he said.

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It has to be against Stipe. No one else matters.

Win or lose against Miocic, Cormier said, "the next one will be the last one. Cormier said he'd be ready to compete "the sooner the better.

FIGHT Stories - Philadelphia FIGHT

He is not sure if Miocic has accepted, but he knows the UFC is working to put the fight together. UFC president Dana White said as much in interviews last week.

I'm just worried about what I can control. I'm not gonna do any of that stuff -- I don't need to. I hope he fights me, run it back like I ran it back for him. I didn't necessarily have to. I could have took that win last July and said that was beautiful and fought somebody else. It claimed that both versions are correct, but that the feminine version is slightly more correct because fruits are generally feminine nouns in the Italian language. Stefania Iannizzotto, the linguistic consultant responsible for researching and publishing the piece, said the institute has received, and keeps receiving, many letters and emails to settle the arancino-arancina debate.

Instead, it just intensified it.

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Last May, the linguist was invited to speak at the Catania Street Food Fest , where among cooking classes and free appetizers, she believed her linguistic workshop on the arancino-arancina issue would be the most boring part of the event. The current uproar has also affected Sicilian businesses serving the dish to locals and tourists alike.

How to Write a Fight Scene: 5 Ways to Add More Punch to Your Novel

The famous cafeteria, established in , started making arancine in the s. There have also been other attempts to bring a sense of peace. And debate or not, one thing is certain: this snack will continue to carry a warm, welcoming message for locals and visitors alike. Fight Stories made its first appearance in June , giving it the distinction of being the first all-fiction magazine dedicated entirely to a single sport.

In all likelihood, Fiction House's decision to publish an all-boxing fiction pulp was partly based on the success of The Ring "The Bible of Boxing" , a boxing magazine first published in More importantly, throughout the s professional boxers were among the country's most popular athletes, not the least of which was Gene Tunney, the subject of a one-shot nonfiction title in , The Life of Gene Tunney: The Fighting Marine.

Whatever the reason may have been, Bill Kofoed, the series' editor, claimed that the justification for an all-fiction boxing magazine was quite simple:. It has been the soul-food of a race of men who have carried civilization to the world's last outpost—the breed that has borne the white man's burden without whimper or retreat, who has built cities, spanned bridges and crimsoned a thousand battlefields with the last measure of courageous devotion….

Its pages will be bright with the courage of he-men in a he-men's game. Boxing, then, was the perfect sport to have its own fiction magazine because no other mere "game" so effectively authenticated masculinity, and embraced excitement and adventure.

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Undoubtedly, Fight Stories benefited from the fact that boxing is a year-round sport with no official off-season. Fiction House may have reasoned that boxing fans were always in the mood for a good fight story, and the pure simplicity of a boxing match certainly made it a natural contender for good sports writing. Kofoed recruited many of the genre's best writers including George Bruce, Theodore Roscoe, and Fiction House editor Jack Byrne who, according to John Dinah, produced stories that were arguably "equaled by few writers of the day" Consequently, Fight Stories proved to be one of Fiction House's most successful sport-related titles, and except for a four-year hiatus from to , the magazine remained in semi-regular circulation until total issues.

Over its twenty-four year history, many authors contributed to the magazine, but few are as notable as Robert E.

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