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Everything from businessmen crapping out mutant chicken eggs to inerts being pulled straight out of body cavities. An immediate failing grade from any health department, but horror fan reactions detail their passing acceptance. From the creators of Repo! The Genetic Opera comes a carnivalesque war between Heaven and Hell serenaded by sad clowns, angelic protectors, even Lucifer himself.

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Performers range from motormouth rappers to German megastars to classical goth-punk icons. Underseen, underrated, and in need of a closing third act! Cue scene after scene of increasing-with-size tomato props rolling after their victims like beach balls in the wind. Chaos and calamity in the form of scale city models burning while street riot footage intercuts live action. What does it do, then?

Cobble together a deceptively entertaining threat against humanity on the thinnest of budgets and premise. Proceed with caution those in need of structure, unnoticeable ADR, sharp scripts, challenging content, and everything else you might expect from a more serious endeavor.

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For the better. Did I mention this movie randomly includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the town sheriff? Diedrich Bader? Beheadings, graveyard bone rituals and lots of squeamish practical zombie carnage? Connect with us. Share Tweet.

Apocalyptic upbringing: how I recovered from my terrifying evangelical childhood

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Matt Donato. Theologically, the idea of the devil changed during this period as well.

Throughout the Middle Ages Satan evolved into an aggressive, malignant force set on tormenting as many human souls as possible. The Greek daimon—a spirit or minor divinity who engaged with humans—informed a key aspect of this new devil. From the third century A.

Neoplatonism was not wholly incompatible with Christianity, but communicating with spirits was. Rituals could not sway the Christian God into granting human wishes; prayers were only evidence of piety. As more ancient works were translated into Latin throughout the Middle Ages, a new movement, Scholasticism, tried to reconcile the teachings of the early church with pagan writings on science, philosophy, and even necromancy, the art of conjuring spirits and demons.

Necromancers were courting damnation through exposure to demons. In Pope John XXII issued a bull, Super illius specula, which stated that anyone found guilty of engaging in necromancy could be condemned for heresy and burnt at the stake. During the 14th century Europe faced a dark period blighted by the Black Death, famine, and war. Fear of the devil and his influence increased, as evidenced by an explosion of witch hunts. Unlike necromancers, the church believed that the devil sought out women as partners; witches would sign pacts and engage in evil on his behalf.

People were no longer seen as merely deceived by Satan, but in active collusion with him against God. By this time in European history, the devil no longer sat passively. Taking an active role, Satan is present in the world, stealing souls and recruiting people to do his bidding.

History Magazine. In the Middle Ages European artists and theologians shaped a new terrifying vision of Satan and the punishments awaiting sinners in his realm. Read Caption.


Seated on a fiery throne, Satan devours a damned soul in this detail from 13th-century mosaics adorning the Baptistry of Florence, Italy. By Marina Montesano. Who Is Krampus? Tagging along with Saint Nicholas, legend tells us this "Christmas Devil" comes to punish children who have misbehaved. Learn about his Germanic origins and how this sinister figure is celebrated. Continue Reading.