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We have embedded the updated NASB database with dictionary reference numbers based on Strong's system. This will be a separate product, not an upgrade to the standard NASB. This Bible delivers God's word with all the authority, clarity and reverence of the original King James Version -- updated only to make grammar and context meaningful to modern readers. For more information visit: www.

The complete Bible text was first launched in The revised text has come out in O texto revisado saiu em This revision, used by most Evangelical Christians in Brazil, dates from Today's English Version TEV This translation does not follow the traditional vocabulary and style found in the historic English Bible versions; rather, it attempts in this century to set forth the biblical content and message in the standard, everyday, natural form of English.

For more information about the TEV, visit www. Olive Tree Bible Software. Search TGI:. Baker New Testament Commentary 12 Vols.

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Bible Exposition Commentary 23 Vols. Daniel: An Expository Commentary, by H. Discovering John NEW! Esther: An Expository Commentary, by H. Ironside NEW! Holman New Testament Commentary 12 Vols.

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International Theological Commentary 27 Vols. Life of Christ 3 Vols. Opening Up Commentary Collection 30 Vols. Pillar New Testament Commentary 10 Vols. De Haan Classic Library 11 Vols. Nehemiah: An Expository Commentary, by H.

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Ironside New American Commentary 37 Vols. Proverbs: An Expository Commentary, by H. Revelation: An Expository Commentary, by H. Romans Unlocked NEW!

Romans: Donald Grey Barnhouse 4 Vols. The Pulpit Commentary 77 Vols. Declaration and Covenant NEW!

DBY 1890 Darby Bible with Strong's Concordance

Jewish Law 4 Vols. Near East Archaeology Collection 4 Vols. Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls 12 Vols. The Dead Sea Scrolls Study ed. I: 1Q1—4Q—Vol. The Encyclopaedia of Judaism Vols. Concise Oxford English Dictionary, 11th ed. Merriam—Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed. Vincent 4 Vols. Wuest 2 Vols.

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The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, rev. Bible and the Arts Collection 4 Vols.

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Bible Made Easy Series 13 Vols. Bible Lessons International Collection 17 Vols. Biblical Inspiration NEW! Courageous Christianity NEW! You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience.

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