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Lopes and Philip J. Chapter 9. Intestinal Motility and Transit Jorge E. Nieto and Peter C.

Chapter Gleerup, and Pia Haubro Andersen. Pathophysiology, Prevention, and Treatment of Adhesions P. Eric Mueller. Pathophysiology of Enteritis and Colitis Harold C. McKenzie, III. Bryant and James N.

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  • Equine Acute Abdomen.

Alternative Diagnostic Techniques Nathaniel A. White and Anne Desrochers. McKenzie III. Khatibzadeh and James A. Colic in the Donkey Alexandra K.

Comprehensive Colic Guide (The Equine Acute Abdomen)

Belknap and Andrew H. Rectal Tears Canaan M.

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Whitfield-Cargile and Peter C. Etiquetas Blikslager, A. The definitive guide to acute abdominal disorders in equine patients, fully updated and revised to reflect the latest developments in the field Lavishly illustrated with more than color illustrations, photographs, line drawings, and figures A companion website features video clips and images from the book available for download Provides an invaluable resource to equine surgery and internal medicine specialists, researchers, practitioners, and students who deal with colic Table of Contents Preface About the companion website PART I.

Moore Chapter 2. Gonzalez Chapter 3. Gastric Secretory Function Michael J.

The Equine Acute Abdomen

Murray Chapter 4. Small Intestinal Function Anthony T. Blikslager Chapter 5. Johnson Chapter 6. Liver Function Tim Mair Chapter 7. The Equine Intestinal Microbiota J. Scott Weese Chapter 8. Johnson Chapter 9. Murray Chapter Blikslager Chapter Gleerup, and Pia Haubro Andersen Chapter The Equine Intestinal Microbiota.

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  • The Equine Acute Abdomen, 3rd Edition.
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Intestinal Motility and Transit. Pathophysiology of Pain. Colic in the Foal. Surgical Management of Colic in the Foal. Specific Diseases of the Foal. Colic in the Donkey. Nutritional Management. Anesthesia for Abdominal Surgery. Pathophysiology and Treatment of Postoperative Ileus.

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Pathophysiology Prevention and Treatment of Adhesions. Pathophysiology of Enteritis and Colitis. Pathophysiology of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. Epidemiology of Colic. Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal Disease. Investigations of Chronic and Recurrent Colic. Decision for Surgery and Referral.

The Equine Acute Abdomen, 3rd Edition | VetBooks

Biosecurity in the Management of Equine Gastrointestinal Disease. Medical Management of Gastrointestinal Diseases. Treatment of Shock. Diagnosis and Treatment of Peritonitis and Hemoperitoneum. Diagnosis of Enteritis and Colitis in the Horse. Preparation of the Patient for Abdominal Surgery.