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The Jedburghs

Harlequin Search Harlequin Search Harlequin. Help Sign in Sign in Create an Account. Sign in New Customer? Start Here. Let's keep in touch! As I posed for a photo, I must have leant a little too hard on the rods in my back pocket, because when I pulled them out I found that one of them had all but snapped in two. I was interested to see that another offering had been placed at the foot of the third stone — a little bunch of wheat, tied in a bundle. The top of the stone is irregularly corroded, and the probability of this being caused by fire presents itself.

I tried the insertion of broomsticks in these grooves but the tops projecting on opposite sides were too irregular for such a method to have been used for sighting. I can just imagine Alfred Watkins putting broomsticks in the grooves. But the height is accurate, making the tallest one higher than Stonehenge. And were there originally more than three? According to the antiquarian William Stukeley, there were five stones here in the early 18th century, and a fisherman named Peter Franck reported seeing seven of them.

John Leland saw four stones in the s, but in William Camden visited Boroughbridge and was horrified to discover that one of them had been uprooted. The age of the stones is open to speculation, but the blue plaque on the roadside offers a date of BC. Each Arrow is said to weigh over 40 tons, and their height is even more amazing when you learn that another five feet or so lies below the surface. This revealed that just below the topsoil, cobbles, grit and clay had been packed around the stone to a depth of five feet.

The base of the stone had been dressed by pointed tools to produce a smooth bottom which sat squarely on the hard packed clay beneath. The Arrows are believed to have been hewn from a rocky outcrop at Plumpton, south of Knaresborough. Just for good measure, a local superstition warns that walking 12 times around one of the stones in an anti-clockwise direction will summon the Devil.

I have made a mental note to re-visit them in the winter time, when the fields are bare and their full height can be appreciated. I live by the sea in Argyll, Scotland, and I write about the landscape, its wildlife and wonderful history. Another lovely article — one of my favourite sites, and one of the first I ever visited.

As you say, the stones are awe-inspiring to visit, even if seen in photos before. The grooves are extremely interesting and thought provoking. I hope you do get to visit in the winter months. They are completely different then. Thank you very much, Justbod! I would love to see them again in frost or snow. Another for my winter list! Goodness what an amazing height! But when a treasonous plot threatens queen and country, Breghan has to prove only she is woman enough to stand by his side.

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Robyns demonstrate an excellent command of historical detail in this romantic tale set in the midst of the royal intrigue of Queen Mary of Scotland's court. The intertwining of actual characters with the fictional characters and some dramatic scenes of the harsh cruelty of the age contributes to the realism and magnetism of the growing relationship between spirited Breghan McAllen and the Devil of Jedburgh, Laird Arran Kerr.

Frightened by the dark rumours of the Laird's reputation, Breghan runs away when her parents refuse to withdraw their marriage arrangement with the Devil From that first meeting between the fiery Breghan and the deliciously arrogant Arran, Ms. Robyns successfully tells a gentle and passionate love story threaded through with the danger of a threatening civil war.

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I was quickly drawn into this richly detailed story: the tender but strong women who are more than a match for the brave, but tough, warriors who love as wildly as they fight. This is a fast-paced, exciting read. A wonderful read, with plenty of heat between Arran and Breghan. This is the kind of romance I love reading. He is known as the Devil of Jedburgh, because of rumors of his evilness.

He's finally looking for a wife in order to get an heir. He choose's Breghan thinking she will be someone who can handle giving birth to a large baby. When he finally meets Breghan, though, he finds a much tinier woman than he expected. He suggests a handfasting instead of a marriage.

Claire Robyns

Breghan agrees, looking forward to the freedom to choose her next husband after a year with Arran. This one started a little rough for me.

I found the hero a bit too unforgiving and rough around the edges in the beginning. And though Arran doesn't change a whole lot by the end, he grew on me. If I were in his circumstances, I might be grumpy too. He did have some great moments of sweetness with Breghan. I really enjoyed the historical aspects of this book.

The Devil of Jedburgh Claire Robyns

Robyns integrated Mary, Queen of Scots and the politics and royal drama of that time very well, I thought. Definitely recommended to fans of highlander romances. ARC provided by NetGalley.

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